Lost Creek Boer Goats

~ est. 2005 ~

Hello Neighbor,

  We are Alvie and Susan Richmond, and in October of 2005 we became “goat farmers”! We bought 20 registered, bred nannies, and then started putting up fencing and shelters. Not exactly the recommended sequence of events! They (whoever “they” are) say experience is the best teacher, and it was an experience, to say the least! We scrambled getting some fencing and a little shelter up! 

  Now we have the entire 140 Ozark acres fenced and shelters erected (or mostly erected – is anything ever really completed on a goat farm?? If you’d like to come help us finish our big barn, that would be great, except you are probably working on your own!). Some cross-fencing is done, with more to do, some of it new and some where the goats have rearranged or removed it. Fencing is a challenge, both because of the goats and because the creeks that run through the farm go on a rampage periodically.

  We have learned a lot since that humble and uninformed beginning! For instance, we have learned that each goat has its own personality, some delightful and friendly, some indifferent, and a few that inspire trips to the meat market. We have learned what to look for when a goat is ailing or about to kid, and we have learned a lot about midwifing (my spell-checker says “midwifing” isn’t a word, but we think it is!). We have also learned what kind of fencing not to put up and which goats were most likely to get stuck in them. And we have learned that other “goat people” are wonderful, friendly and helpful! 

  The goats themselves say they are contented roaming the acres of pasture and woods and having access to a 5 acre lake for rest and recreation. And they aren’t complaining about the meals, either. So, all in all, if they are happy, we are happy! They just don’t know that most of them are for sale! They come in all sizes, several colors, and prices that won't scare you off.

We welcome you to our website, and our farm, any time you like! Give us a call or email us if you have questions or comments. 

We are located in Wappapello, MO. (click here for map)

Phone: 573-222-9618 

Email:     info @ lostcreekboers.com

God Bless!

Alvie and Susan Richmond