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The map is an accurate visual referrence, but the associated text is confusing. This will make it MUCH easier: From HWY60 (near Poplar Bluff) take T-hwy, to D-hwy, to CR 525, then cross two low-water bridges, and turn left into the first lane on the left.

Cathy A26Cathy A26
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Lost Creeks Cathy A26
DOB 2/17/11 - 100% - ABGA #10593345
Lost Creeks Betty Jo A31Lost Creeks Betty Jo A31
Fudgie & Brother - he sees me, she doesn'tFudgie & Brother - he sees me, she doesn't

  Fudgie gave birth to lovely twin girls 11:00 PM on Tuesday, June 7 2016!  The both weighed in at 6.6 lbs.  One is solid redish brown like her daddy, and the other is solid brown when viewed from the right, but has a white stripe, a white foot, and some white dots on her left side.  They are two weeks old in the photos below.  Fudgie is doing a good job feeding them on only one side of her udder.  The mastitis is cleared up, but no milk available on that side.  The babies have learned to share, and are gaining well and keeping pace with each other. 
  Fudgie is a good mommy, and licks her babies when ever they are near enough.  Its funny to see her lick the air a few times after the baby has moved away.  Both babie's sight and hearing are normal.  They're active, playful, and curious.  They have already discovered how to get out of their area, though we haven't figured it out yet.  We'll need to make a way for them to come and go now, so they can socialize with the other babies that are close to their age.
Fudgies girls2 wks1Fudgies girls2 wks1Fudgies girls 2 wks 2Fudgies girls 2 wks 2

Wether #G708, BOrn 2-10-2017, Bottle Baby, Twin to G707, $125Wether #G708, BOrn 2-10-2017, Bottle Baby, Twin to G707, $125