Lost Creek Boer Goats

~ est. 2005 ~

Let me introduce you to Pippin. She's very different from any of our other goats. Different color, different thinking, different acting! So different that the llama and the donkeys thought she was something that should be killed. (They finally got used to her, but I'm not sure we have!) She came to us with a group of goats we bought, and we wondered about the big grin on the face of the seller as he loaded her up. 
Now, here's Pippin to tell her own story...

"Hi! I'm Pippin! I live on the Lost Creek Boer Goat Farm, but I don't think I am a Boer Goat, do you?

I can come and go pretty much as I please here, and I pretty much do my own thing.

I'd rather hang out with people than goats.  Do you like my hat?"

"I sleep about anywhere I like. On a cool day a warm truck hood is nice. I've learned to clog up here, too!"

"AAhhh, life is good!"

"Enjoying a spring evening."

"This is my buddy, Shiloh. We hang out together a lot."

"This is Shiloh's dog house - he let me use it 'cause it was COLD out! Well, maybe he didn't really let me use it...."

"I really am a smart goat if I say so myself! I know how to open the freezer and other things, where they keep feed.

See the concrete blocks on the other freezer? They forgot to put one on this freezer! Ha, Ha!" 

"I can get into just about any container without help."

"Speaking of feed, I do like variety, don't you? And I have a terrible sweet tooth!"

"....and cat littler is pretty good too! Of course it has to be fresh - that's a no-brainer."

"I really do get into a lot of things I'm not supposed to, and get in trouble for it, too. But I just can't resist!

How do you turn this thing on, anyway?" 

"Are you sure you're doing that right?"

"I'd really like to help out around here, but never have figured out how to start these things." 

"HELP! HELP!.....Boy does my voice echo in here....where'd they find this old jonny-pot, anyway? HELP!" 

"I don't know what happened, honest!"

"I'm grown up now and don't fit in the chair so well anymore.

It could also be because I'm expecting twins soon! I wonder what kind of mother I will make....for that matter so do my people...." 

"Meet my kids! A little girl and a little boy! Aren't they cute?? Jo-Jo has come to greet them. He checks out all the new babies." 

"I am so proud of my kids. As you see, they are in training. I'm starting them out easy, climbing my people's stump grinder." 

"So, that's my story! I hope you've enjoyed it! I know I can be a trial for my people at times, but I'm still alive (though they tell me that my being alive is a daily decision...) 
Bye for now! 
Your friend,